Recently, we finished our Stewardship Emphasis.  It was a great time of learning about stewardship as we heard testimonies from Rachel and Dustin Gay and Butch Miller.  We received Nelson Searcy’s book, The Generosity Ladder.  Barry preached on the “Why?” of Stewardship and we handed out pledge cards.  We placed a link on the Dublin FUMC Facebook page to more educational resources (  To continue this emphasis, we put a link on our homepage ( to all of these resources.  You can continue to use these resources for the foreseeable future and send your pledge to Janice in the church office. 

The Generosity Ladder (Amazon link for purchase)

Barry's Stewardship Sermon (PDF file)

Pledge Card (PDF file)

Front (pledge card)

Back (stair step)

Rachel and Dustin Gay video testimony

Butch Miller video testimony

Educational Stewardship Resources:

Our goal at Dublin First UMC is to build a healthy stewardship culture. We want you to grow closer to God, and for our congregation to experience increased spiritual vitality as together we unleash greater resources for kingdom impact.
8 Resources to go Deeper Into Family and Church Stewardship

• Ramsey Solutions:
• Compass—Finances God’s Way:
• Crown Financial Ministries:
• Generous Giving:
• Good Sense Movement:
• Ron Blue’s Resources:
• I Like Giving:
• Christian Stewardship Network:

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